Flying Officer Leonid Ereminsky


  • A Flight: 4 October 1939
  • Departure from: 18 February 1940
  • Detachment at No.615 Squadron: 14 May 1940 – 18 May 1940 (?)

Descendant of « White Russians », he was born in London in 1918 (?). He joined the Royal Air Force in May 1937, then No.56 Squadron. He was transferred to No. 615 (County of Surrey) Squadron on 4 October 1939. He joined No. 151 Squadron on 18 February 1940. He returned to No. 615 Squadron on 14 May 1940, with four pilots in order to strengthen the unit. This passage is, however, very short, since he is assigned to No.56 Squadron, where he claims a Bf.110 (18 May) and a Bf.109 (29 May) destroyed, as well as a shared He.111 (27 May). He was killed in an air accident on 17 June 1940. He was buried at Whyteleafe (St. Luke’s) Churchyard.

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