Joseph Robert Kayll


Born on 12 April 1914 in Sunderland, he joined the Royal Auxliary Air Force in 1934 at No. 607 (County of Durham) Squadron. Mobilized at the outbreak of the war, he became Flight Commander in his unit.

On 16 March 1940, he was transferred to No. 615 (County of Surrey) Squadron to take command of it.


List of flights


Gloster Gladiator N5583

Patrol Vitry-en-Artois (10h50 – 11h50)


Hawker Hurricane Mk I

Escorts a Bristol Blenheim Mk IV (L8866 ?) for a reconnaissance of the Canal Albert. Around 06h45 ?


Hawker Hurricane Mk I

Escort Bristol Blenheim over Dinant (around 11h00)

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