27 november – 2 december 1939

Returning to Merville, B Flight patrols over the aerodrome between 12h00 and 13h35. The climatic conditions and poor condition of the aerodrome continue to severely restrict air activity.

B Flight
Flight Lieutnant James G. Sanders Gladiator N2306 12h – 13h30 Patrol Merville
Pilot Officer Keith T. Lofts Gladiator N2308
Flying Officer Peter N. Murton-Neale Gladiator N2310
Flying Officer Hedley N. Fowler Gladiator N2303
Pilot Officer Richard D. Pexton Gladiator N2312
Pilot Officer Brian P. Young Gladiator N2309

The end of the month is not marked by any other events. However, it is necessary to point out a change of command within No. 61 (RAF) Wing with the arrival of the Wing Commander R.Y. Eccles to replace the Wing Commander John A. Boret.

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