27 december 1939, return to Saint-Inglevert

Due to difficult conditions at Vitry-en-Artois, B Flight, as well as a section of A Flight consisting of Flying Officer Herbert S. Giddings, Leonid Ereminsky and Peter N. Murton-Neale (transferred from B Flight the day before ) joins again the aerodrome of Saint-Inglevert for ten days. Several patrols are carried out during the day from the airfield.

B Flight
Flight Lieutnant James G. Sanders Gladiator N2306  11h20 – 12h40   Patrouille Saint-Inglevert 
Pilot Officer Keith T. Lofts Gladiator N2308
Pilot Officer John R. Lloyd Gladiator N2310
Flying Officer Hedley N. Fowler Gladiator N2303 12h30 – 13h50 Patrouille Saint-Inglevert 
Flying Officer George S. Woodwark Gladiator N5590
Pilot Officer Brian P. Young Gladiator N2304 14h20 – 15h30 Patrouille Saint-Inglevert 
Pilot Officer Richard D. Pexton Gladiator N5590

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