15 June 1940

Nine aircraft take off at 10:45 to join Hawkinge to provide air protection for a convoy from 15:30. Flying Officer John R.H. Gayner (Hawker Hurricane Mk I P3380), however, return to Kenley due to a problem with the landing gear. The remainder of the Squadron land at 18:20 after 03:00 hours of flight (including a refueling in Hawkinge).

Pilots and Aircrafts : Flight Lieutnant Lionel M. Gaunce (P2966) ; Flying Officer Peter Collard (P2871) ; Pilot Officer Cecil R. Montgomery (L1584) ; Pilot Officer Cecil R. Young (N2399) ; Flying Officer John R.H. Gayner (P3380) ; Flying Officer Herbert S. Giddings (P3487) ; Flying Officer Anthony Eyre (P2793) ; Pilot Officer John R. Lloyd (L1992) ; Pilot Officer Keith T. Lofts (L1789).

Lossess : Hawker Hurricane Mk I P3380 (Flying Officer John R.H. Gayner) : landing gear problem.

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