12 – 25 February 1940

The first part of the month is mainly marked by very difficult weather conditions which prevent any activity. Various short leaves occur during this period. Once again, a part of the Squadron is posted to Saint-Inglevert with Flying Officer Hedley N. Fowler, John R.H. Gayner, Herbert S. Giddings and Peter N. Murton-Neale, as well as Pilot Officer Horace E. Horne, Petrus H. Hugo, John R. Lloyd, Michael R. Mudie and Ralph Roberts.

The first two patrols took place, on 12 February, between 15h10 and 16h30 with Flying Officer Herbert S. Giddings (N5717), Pilot Officer Horace E. Horne (N5577), Flying Officer Peter N. Murton-Neale (N5585) and Pilot Officer Petrus H. Hugo (N5587).

However, the activity was quickly stopped the following day when all Gladiators were declared non-operational due to various technical problems due to the cold weather and the absence of hangars at Saint-Inglevert. Finally, after a hard work of the mechanics three aircraft are declared in flight condition.

If an attempt is made by Flying Officer Hedley N. Fowler (N5900) on 15 February to assess the flight conditions, a decision is made to cancel any air activity.

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