Benge, Charles Fredrick


His name is mentioned in the Daily Routine Orders (No.61 Wing), dated 22 November 1939.

He is part of the Advance Party during the transfer to Vitry-en-Artois on 13 December 1939 (No.61 Wing – Appendices – Movement Order No.3).

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  1. David T Benge

    Sgt.Charles Fredrick Benge was my father I was born 24-6-46. He was with 615 Sqadron for the France episode
    He then went to North Africa When I have NO idea or Squadron either I believe he was inCyprus at soem stage then I believe he ended up in South Wales (Stormy Down) near Bridgend where he met & married my Mother Phillis Mary Loosemore
    Yours David T Benge
    Vietnam 1969-70 Aircrew (CE)

  2. ajcrou Auteur de l’article


    First, sorry for my late response (I was not at home these past few months, so I’m only now discovering your message).

    Thank you for this very interesting information. Indeed, the documentation on No.615 Squadron is very limited for the Battle of France, so difficult to have details on the events. And, the situation is even worse for the ground staff who are totally absent from the few archives available. There are only a few (rare) mentions of the ground staff in the No.61 Wing archives which contain only a list with the names and service numbers, without further details.

    Do you have any other information or documents relating to your father’s service in No.615 Squadron ?

    In any case, thank you for this information.

    Best Regards,
    Alexis Rousselot

    NB: I send you an email.

    1. David Benge

      Thank you for the reply
      Charles Fredrick Benge lived in Sanderstead and after the war Croydon He was stationed at Stormy Down (Glamorgan) at the end of the War.
      He was awarded some medals and his gunners wings too.
      Thing is I have no idea of his North Africa episode in Nth Africa nd Cyprus I believe
      The he came to Australia he was in the weekend worriers 25th Battalion Australian Army (Sgt intel) at Toowoomba
      Yours David Benge

      1. ajcrou Auteur de l’article


        Thank you for these additional clarifications. I will update the information about him with your details.

        For information, I have just added all the details concerning the participation of No.615 Squadron at the Battle of France between May 10 and 20, 1940 (date of return to England: Kenley). For now only in French, I will work next week on the English translation.

        Unfortunately, I did not find any other information, in the No.615 Squadron’s archives, about the ground personnel during this period.

        Best Regards,
        Alexis Rousselot


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