8 June 1940 : back over France

After a short period of reorganization, the No.615 Squadron is quickly returned to operation over France. Thus, nine Hawker Hurricane Mk I take off from Kenley towards Hawkinge at 09:45. After the necessary supplies and preparations, the formation take off, at 12:50, with the No.111 (RAF) Squadron for an offensive patrol over the Le Treport – Aumale sector. At the end of the mission (14:15), order is to land on the French airfield of Dreux to refuel and rearm aircrafts. Unfortunately, Pilot Officer David Evans damages the P3380’s propeller on landing [1]. He will have to wait on 14 June to return to Kenley via the island of Jersey. The remaining eight Hawker Hurricanes depart in the evening (19:30) for a second patrol of the area before heading back to Kenley where they land at 21:00. The pilots perform 3:45 minutes of flight during the afternoon, without other special events to report.

Pilots and Aircrafts : Pilot Officer Petrus H. Hugo (P2963) ; Flying Officer Peter Collard (P2768) ; Pilot Officer Michael R. Mudie (P2966) ; Flight Lieutnant James G. Sanders (L1992) ; Pilot Officer John R. Lloyd (P2003) ; Pilot Officer Keith T. Lofts (P2578) ; Flying Officer Anthony Eyre (P2793) ; Flying Officer Herbert S. Giddings (P2801) ; Pilot Officer David Evans (P3380).

Losses : Hawker Hurricane Mk I P3380 (Pilot Officer David Evans) : damaged propeller on landing at Dreux aerodrome.

[1] CORNWELL, Peter D. The Battle of France, Then and Now : Six Nations Locked in Aerial Combat, September 1939 to June 1940. Old Harlow : After the Battle, 2007, p.446.

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