5 January 1940

The bad weather limits activity in Saint-Inglevert and allows only two patrols in the early morning, between 08h00 and 09h50. At the same time, Flying Officer Herbert S. Giddings gets leaves in England until early February.

A et B Flight

Flying Officer Hedley N. Fowler Gladiator N2303 08h00 – 09h00 Patrouille Saint-Inglevert – Boulogne (Patrol Line A)
Pilot Officer John R. Lloyd Gladiator N2304
Pilot Officer Richard D. Pexton Gladiator N2310 08h50 – 09h50 Patrouille Saint-Inglevert – Boulogne (Patrol Line A)
Flying Officer Herbert S. Gddings Gladiator N5899

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