29 December 1939: first confrontation with a He.111

Like the day before, the pilots continued their patrols in the Saint-Inglevert area. The major event took place at 13h10 when Flight Lieutnant James G. Sanders took off aboard the Gladiator N2308. A He.111 of the Wekusta 26 is, then, reported above Wissant at about 7 000 meters. A pursuit begins and Flight Lieutenant James G. Sanders catches up with the German bomber southwest of Dover and opens fire. The He.111 immediately engages in a dive up to 1 000 meters and disappears into the clouds. Due to the low visibility, the pilot decides to abandon the pursuit without being able to appreciate the results of his attack [1].

A Flight
Flying Officer Herbert S. Giddings Gladiator N5899 13h40 – 14h40 Patrol Saint-Inglevert
Flying Officer Peter N. Murton-Neale Gladiator N5585 13h40 – 14h40 Patrol Saint-Inglevert
B Flight
Flight Lieutnant James G. Sanders Gladiator N2308 13h10 – 14h00 Saint-Inglevert. He.111 (Wekusta 26 ?) : Result : unknow
Pilot Officer Brian P. Young Gladiator N5900 14h30 – 15h30 Patrol Saint-Inglevert
Flying Officer Hedley N. Fowler Gladiator N2308
Flying Officer George S. Woodwark Gladiator N2303

[1] James G. Sanders, Combat Report. The National Archives (Kew). AIR/50/75. GUSTAVSSON Håkan. Gloster Gladiator in 615 RAF Squadron service [en ligne]. Biplane Fighter Aces from the Second World War [Consulté le 27/09/16]. Disponible sur : http://surfcity.kund.dalnet.se/gladiator_raf_615.htm

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