28 February 1940

Following an improvement in the weather, six sorties were made to patrol Saint-Inglevert between 15h10 and 18h10. Pilot Officer Michael R. Mudie did his first mission with No.615 Squadron with Gloster Gladiator N5900.

Note that the Squadron receives reinforcement today in the person of Flying Officer Lionel M. Gaunce. Born in Lethbridge, Canada, on 20 September, 1915, he joined the RAF with a Short Service Commission in January 1936. After his training, he joined No.3 (RAF) Squadron in September 1936 and served as Acting Flight Lieutnant from April 1939. He is, therefore, for once a relatively experienced pilot, notably on Hawker Hurricane, the future mount of No.615 Squadron.

Squadron Leader Arthur V. Harvey

Gladiator N5587

15 h 10 – 16 h 05

Patrol Saint-Inglevert – Boulogne (Patrol Line A)

Pilot Officer David J. Looker

Gladiator N5577

Flying Officer John R.H. Gayner

Gladiator N5583

16h00 – 16h40

Patrol Saint-Inglevert – Boulogne (Patrol Line A)

Pilot Officer Michael R. Mudie

Gladiator N5900

Flight Lieutnant Leslie T.W. Thornley

Gladiator N5587

16 h 50 – 18 h 10

Patrol Saint-Inglevert – Dunkerque (Patrol Line B)

Pilot Officer Horace E. Horne

Gladiator N5577


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