12 January 1940

Despite a short detachment (two days) of three pilots (Pilot Officer Levin Fredman, Horace E. Horne and Brian P. Young) on the Poix aerodrome to train with Blenheim, the No.615 Squadron is now entirely on Vitry-en-Artois where pilots are able to make their first sorties. This is the case, of A Flight, with a patrol of Flying Officer John R.H. Gayner (N5587 [1]), Pilot Officer Thomas C. Jackson (N5580) and Flying Officer Peter N. Murton-Neale (N5587) between 14h10 and 15h15. They are quickly followed by B Flight with Flying Officer Hedley N. Fowler (N2304) and Pilot Officer Keith T. Lofts (N2308) between 15h35 and 16h20.

[1] There is an error in the ORB, as it is unlikely that Flying Officer John R. H. Gayner and Peter N. Murton-Neale shared the same aircraft for the same mission …

Gloster Gladiator of No.615 (County of Surrey) Squadron on the Vitry-en-Artois aerodrome.

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